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The Finest Five Sampler Pack from Upscalesmokes

Upscalesmokes is always keen to bring the best to cigar aficionados. The cigar is a part of a lifestyle, and we are relentless in upscaling that lifestyle experience. For the same reason, we are introducing a collection of unique brand sampler packs picking the finest cigars from the master cigar makers.

Boogie’s Stogies sampler: Have you ever tried Boogies Stogies? You must try them. Boogies Stogies started in 2018 on a small scale but grew fast to add more than fifteen cigars into their collection. Their cigars are handmade on a farm in Nicaragua. We have selected five of their best cigars, including the unique infused ones in the sampler pack.

  1. Hennessy Infused – Made with premium tobacco dipped in Hennessy. Best to pair with cognac and enjoy a leisure evening.

  2. The One – is a beautiful cigar made with Nicaraguan long-fillers wrapped in Maduro leaf.

  3. Uncle Nearest –This hand-rolled infused cigar with hints of spices is specially made to pair with Uncle Nearest whiskey.

  4. Triple threat – This exclusively crafted cigar with Nicaraguan long-fillers and creatively wrapped in three different wrapper leaves: Candelas, Habano & Maduro. Sure, you will go crazy on this one.

  5. Rather Unique – Is rather unique in design. This cigar is a mild to full-bodied one with a smooth, creamy flavor. You won’t mind having a daily smoke.

My Father Sampler: ‘My Father cigars’ is one of the famous brands by the master cigar maker Don Pepin Garcia and his family. We’ve always revered the brand and its skill to craft top-rated cigars.

  1. Fonseca – It’s a century-old brand. After coming to the Garcia family, it scored 90 points in the 2020 Cigaraficianado top 25 list and 93 points in the Cigars International top 25 list. This Nicaraguan puro uses the tobacco grown on the Garcia farm. Experience a smooth draw with a slight spicy note.

  2. Flor de Antillas—Named after the Cuban Island, this is a full-bodied box-pressed cigar and has a smooth and creamy smoke with spicy and cocoa flavor. Flor de Antillas was number 1 in the top 25 Cigaraficianado list in 2012.

  3. Le Bijou 1922—Don Pepin Garcia made this jewel to honor his father, born in 1922. Featured two times in the top 25 Cigar list of Ciagaraficianado and was a winner in 2015. This one is a full-bodied cigar with an exceptional aroma.

  4. Le Centurian H2-K—uses a unique hybrid Havana 2000 wrapper and is also featured in Cigaraficianado. A top-rated cigar list with 93 points. H2-K is a beautifully crafted medium to full-bodied cigar with a distinctive flavor.

  5. DPG Series JJ—JJ stands for “Jose” and “Jaime.” It is handmade in their old factory in Miami wrapped in a smooth Corojo-Rosado leaf. This full-bodied cigar gives a balanced smoke with mild gingery and cedar notes.

Southern Draw Sampler: This brand is owned and operated by US military and Navy veterans. They don’t have a legacy in cigar making but are dedicated to making quality cigars. The brand is founded on the values of “the southern culture of honor.” What we have here is a unique sampler you won’t get anywhere.

  1. Cedrus: A unique blend of Indonesian and Nicaraguan tobacco produces a mild savory flavor with a touch of sweetness.

  2. Firethorn: This cigar is crafted with a combination of tobacco leaves from Ecuador, Mexico, and Nicaragua. It is a well-balanced medium to full-bodied cigar with charred and earthy tastes with a pleasing aroma

  3. Quickdraw Connecticut: Quickdraw has three variations Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Habano. All three are connoisseur sizes but have distinctive characters. Quickdraw is a small cigar. As the name suggests, it is for a quick draw. It has a mild sweet espresso flavor.

  4. Jacobs Ladder: Truly the ladder to heaven, This is an enticingly flavorful cigar of Southern Draw. Crafted with Nicaraguan Ligero leaves grown in Jalapa and Esteli put together with Maduro leaves and Broad leaves from the USA. It has a delicious flavor of cashew and coffee with a touch of spice.

  5. Kudzu: This is ‘the cigar that smoked the south.’ Kudzu is the original blend of Southerndraw and is a medium to full-bodied cigar made with Nicaraguan fillers, binders, and Ecuadorian Oscuro wrapper. It is a very balanced cigar and has complex taste notes.

E.P Carrillo Sampler: The roots of the Perez-Carrillo family are in Cuba, and they have a legacy in cigar making for more than one century, but the journey to success was a hard one. The Cuban revolution had played a significant role in the family’s migration to the USA. After years of struggle, finally, Ernesto Perez Carrillo blended a masterpiece brand, ‘La Gloria Cubana,’ that changed the family’s future. After working for the General Cigar company for years, in 2009, he launched his own brand E.P Carrillo.

  1. Elite Seleccion Oscuro: This cigar has the character of four countries. Made in The Dominican Republic using Nicaraguan fillers, Ecuadorian binder wrapped in Mexican Oscuro leaf thus it's a bit aggressive. Seleccion Oscuro is a top-rated cigar that will give you an amusing smoking experience.

  2. Pledge Prequel: Cigar of the year for 2020 by Cigaraficianado with a score of 98 points, also cigar of the year by the Cigar Dojo. This cigar doesn’t need much yelling for attention. The best thing you can do is buy and smoke.

  3. La Historia: E.P Carrillo made this cigar for the family history and reverting the women’s support and inspiration in their journey. La Historia was the runner-up in 2014 Cigaraficianado’s top-25 list with a score of 94. It is a medium to full-bodied cigar with balanced cocoa, coffee, and earthy flavors with hints of spiciness.

  4. Encore: After La Historia, E.P Carrillo repeated the magic of creating another beautiful cigar, Encore. Cigar of the year 2018 by Cigaraficianado is of a medium to full-Body. The smooth and complex profile leaves the smoker with a long-lasting and alluring finish

  5. Core Plus: This is another masterpiece from the legend E.P Carrillo introduced as an extension of the core cigars, which were the foundation of the brand. This one has beautifully sweet and spicy notes.

Punch Sampler: Punch Brand was very famous. The US embargo on Cuba forced the owner of the Punch, Fernando Palacio, to come to the USA to keep the brand alive. He later sold his brand to Villazon & Co, which started producing Punch outside Cuba. Now it is with General Cigar Company.

  1. Grand Cru: This cigar has five size profiles. Filled with Pilato Cubano from Honduras, Nicaragua, a Dominican Republic bind in Connecticut broadleaf wrapped in Connecticut shade and ranked top 25 in Cigaraficianado list with 93 points.

  2. Knuckle Buster: If you are a fan of flavor that can knock you out, go for this one. Knuckle buster is a magical blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan Habano, perfectly crafted by Punch.

  3. Classico: Classico after dinner variant is a top-rated cigar by Cigaraficianado with 93 points. Classico also has a badge of “best buy” from CA. This one is a luxury value cigar for your money.

  4. Diablo: Diablo is made with well-aged Honduran Ligero leaves and a Connecticut binder wrapped in a fermented Sumatran Oscuro wrapper grown in Ecuador. The dark and elegant diablo gives a spicy punch.

  5. Gran Puro: This is one of the first Honduran puros. Gran Puro delivers a satisfying smoke with sweet and spicy flavors that repeatedly make cigar lovers fall for it. This cigar never turned its back to the limelight. It grabbed the top 25 and the best buy titles from Cigaraficianado.

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