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Cigars + Fundraising + Community

Making the Connection

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Fundraise From Anywhere! 
1. Establish an account.
2. Establish the length of the fundraiser.

3. Receive a fundraising code.
4. Provide the code to all participants.
5. Receive 25% of all profits made on sales.
***The organization you are fundraising for must be able to receive 501(c)(3) donations.*** 


Any purchase can be made on the site for the fundraiser. All products on the site can go towards the fundraiser if the fundraiser code is used.


Fundraiser Checklist

  1. The organizer sets up the fundraiser.

  2. The organizer will not have to do anything except promote the fundraiser and provide the code.

  3. Upscale Smokes will manage all sales and shipping.

  4. The payout will be given to the organization immediately after the fundraiser has ended.

  5. Upscale Smokes shall receive an official donation letter from the organization.

  6. Company information should be provided for the payout. The funds will be a check.

  7. No fees or minimums to meet.

  8. We ship the orders directly to the supporter, anywhere in the U.S

  9. 100% Virtual

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