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E.P Carrillo Cigar Sampler Pack

EP Carrillo Sampler


1.      Elite Seleccion Oscuro

2.      Pledge Prequel

3.      La Historia

4.      Encore

5.      Core Plus


  • Elite Seleccion Oscuro: This cigar has the character of four countries. Made in The Dominican Republic using Nicaraguan fillers, Ecuadorian binder wrapped in Mexican Oscuro leaf thus it's a bit aggressive. Seleccion Oscuro is a top-rated cigar that will give you an amusing smoking experience.

  • Pledge Prequel: Cigar of the year for 2020 by Cigaraficianado with a score of 98 points, also cigar of the year by the Cigar Dojo. This cigar doesn’t need much yelling for attention. The best thing you can do is buy and smoke.

  • La Historia: E.P Carrillo made this cigar for the family history and reverting the women’s support and inspiration in their journey. La Historia was the runner-up in 2014 Cigaraficianado’s top-25 list with a score of 94. It is a medium to full-bodied cigar with balanced cocoa, coffee, and earthy flavors with hints of spiciness.

  • Encore: After La Historia, E.P Carrillo repeated the magic of creating another beautiful cigar, Encore. Cigar of the year 2018 by Cigaraficianado is of a medium to full-Body. The smooth and complex profile leaves the smoker with a long-lasting and alluring finish

  • Core Plus: This is another masterpiece from the legend E.P Carrillo introduced as an extension of the core cigars, which were the foundation of the brand. This one has beautifully sweet and spicy notes.

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