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Brand of The Month

Dapper Cigar Co.

Dapper Cigar Co. is artisanal cigar company behind the brands Cubo, El Borracho, and La Madrina.  From a passionate consumer to a tourist in Central America to a brand owner, Ian Reith blends cigars that hit like he's been in the business for generations.  Dapper truly is a throwback to the hard work, grit, determination, passion, and single-minded attention.

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New Brand of The Month

Ancestry Cigars

Ancestry Cigars was founded in Chicago, IL August 2020 by Enid Blanton a black woman veteran. Ancestry Cigars Inc was named to honor the owners ancestors that impacted her life. Ancestry Cigars was create for many different pallets from mild to Fullbody. We currently carry the full line!

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