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Foundation Cigar Company was formed by Nicholas Melillo in June of 2015. Foundation's goal is to bring top-quality premium cigars to connoisseurs around the world. See more about their story here:

Foundation Cigar Company!

Also preview the lines we carry here:

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New Brand of The Month

Boogie's Stogies

Boogies Stogies  is a Black Owned Cigar line, founded in Chicago Illinois. The name came from the owner Torrence Whitfield childhood name. Boogie always enjoyed a nice cigar on his free time or out socially. It was in 2017 when he started to do research on how to make & start his own cigar line. In June 2018 he launched his cigars specializing in infused cigars. He started off with only five cigars to choose from. Being in business now he has over 15 different cigar selections including a barber pole collection. All of Boogies Stogies are handmade from a farm in Nicaragua.  The blends are all unique ranging from mid to full body. Click here for Boogie's Stogies!

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