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Buy Stinger Ligher from Vector from upscale smokes

Vector Stinger (Gold and Copper) wind resistant Cigar LIghter


The stinger is a high-quality, stylish lighter from Vector. It has an interchangeable flame setup jet torch with a wind-resistant capacity even at twelve thousand feet altitude. This Stinger model from Vector has a metallic body with beautiful Gold copper color in a matte finish. It has the feature of igniting and locking the flame by simply pressing the button up and down and a flame converter option where you can switch between two types of flames.


Size: W 1.81” x L 1.14” x H 5.31”
Weight: 0.38 LB
Burning Temperature:
Single Flame: 2400°F / 1316°C
Two Flames: 2800°F / 1537°C

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