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The My Father Story

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

My father's cigar is one of the most popular cigar brands in the USA. The trail to this brand was created in 2003, but the soul behind the brand was born in 1950 in Cuba. Don Jose' Pepin' Garcia was born in a traditional cigar maker family. Pepin was a small boy when he started rolling cigars in 1961. He spent forty years in Cuba and mastered the art of rolling and blending. He was considered a magician because of his speed and rolling skills. He left Cuba at the age of 51, went to Nicaragua, and later moved into Florida and set up El Rey de Los Habanos, Inc.

He started making cigars for Tatuaje, and the brand received a high rating from Cigarafficianado; thus, he shot into fame outside Cuba. Demand for Pepin Garcia made cigars increased, so he established a second factory, Tabacalera Cubana (TACUBA), in Esteli, Nicaragua. He chose Nicaragua because Nicaraguan tobacco closely matched the flavors of Cuban Habanos he was searching for outside Cuba.

Along with starting TACUBA, Pepin Garcia changed the brand name to 'My Father.' Soon, 'My Father' was the talk amongst cigar lovers with top-rated cigars.

"It is about a lifelong passion! It is not just about a cigar, It is a dream – the Garcia's dream!" – Says Don Jose Garcia.

Now the brand is managed by Don Jose Garcia, his children Jaime(he is also a master cigar maker who oversees the production), and Janny(Who manages the headquarters in Miami). The company also makes cigars for various clients, including Tatuaje. We have their popular cigars in our collection, which you can add to your custom variety box.

My father Flor de las Antillas cigar from upscale smokes

Flor de las Antillas

Flor de las Antillas meaning "Flower of the Antilles." is the largest island in the Greater Antilles of the Caribbean sea, Cuba. Named to honor their birthplace, My Father launched this series in 2012, the same year it got the title "cigar of the year," scoring 96 points on Cigar Aficionado. The 52 x 6 box-pressed toro is a medium-bodied cigar that releases nutty and peppery flavors of the Nicaraguan filler, and sun-grown Nicaraguan wrapper is a must-pick to your variety box. They also released Flor de las Antillas Maduro in 2016, which is one of our owners' personal favorites.

My Father Le Bijou 1922 by My Father

My Father Le Bijou 1922

Jaime Garcia named the brand 'My Father' to honor his father. Don Pepin, to honor his father, crafted the 'jewel'- Le Bijou 1922. Don Pepin's father was born in 1922. The story of love and emotion inspired us to dedicate the 'My Father' variety box (custom gift packed) for those who want to gift that experience to their fathers.

The Nicaraguan puro is Cigar aficionados cigar of the year 2015. A full-bodied box-pressed torpedo is a unique blend wrapped in Habano Oscuro that delivers complex flavors and exquisite aroma.

Fonseca by My Father

Fonseca by My Father

Francisco E. Fonseca established the original brand in 1892 in Cuba. Later Fonseca migrated to the United States. After Franciso Fonseca's sudden demise in 1929, the company changed hands. My Father acquired the brand in 2019. This brand has a tradition of 120 years and has a unique double packing system to reduce damage.

The medium-bodied petit corona is made in Nicaragua with tobacco grown by Garcias wrapped inside a shade-grown Corojo 99 rosado wrapper. It took its place in the top-25 list of Cigaraficianado in 2020.

Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ by My Father

Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ

JJ stands for Jose and Jaime, the father-son duo. This popular cigar is handmade in their Miami factory. This 6 x 64 toro with medium- full-bodied Nicaraguan fillers wrapped in smooth Corojo-Rosado leaf. Decorated with attractive bands and a ribbon, JJ releases balanced notes of ginger and cedar.

Don Pepin Garcia-Cuban Classic 1979 by My Father

Don Pepin Garcia-Cuban Classic 1979

1979 is the birth year of Don Pepin's daughter Janny and from that, the cigar is named. Made in the Esteli factory, This 5 x 50 Robusto ranked 17th in Cigaraficianado's top-rated cigar list of 2007. Cuban classic 1979 is medium to full-bodied with Nicaraguan fillers and uses the finest Habano-rosado wrapper.

My Father No.1 by My Father

My Father No.1

One of the top-rated cigars from Garcia; the name manifests the bond between the father and son. My father No.1 ranked third in 2009 in Cigaraficianado Top-25 Cigars with 94 points. Made with specially selected tobacco from their farm under the strict supervision of the master blenders, it is a must-try cigar. The full-bodied Robusto, wrapped in Habano-Rosado, creates a rich meaty and coffee flavor.

El Centurion H-2K-CT By My Father

El Centurion H-2K-CT

Another unique cigar from the Tabaquero Maestro is flavor-rich. This box-pressed toro ranked Number 1 by CIGAR SNOB MAGAZINE in 2015 with a rating of 95. It has Nicaraguan filler, but The H-2k-CT hybrid wrapper is the star. Again, the Garcia family has spent considerable time and done enough experiments to craft this cigar.

The Judge Grand Robusto By My Father

The Judge Grand Robusto

The Garcia family is famous for naming their cigars connecting with emotions. This time a family friend inspired the creation of this cigar. The 5 x60 Robusto grande is full-bodied, filled with Nicaraguan tobacco wrapped in Sumatra-Oscuro and bound with Corojo & Criollo. The Judge Grand Robusto is a thick cigar that is a blend of unique and diverse Nicaraguan fillers and delivers a spicy and chocolate flavor.

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