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The Best Selections from Foundation Cigars

foundation cigars

Foundation cigar Brand is the result of carefully nurtured love and dedication towards tobacco. Yes, we are talking about the man behind the brand Nicholas Melillo and his passion for Cigars. He started his quest around 20 years ago. He visited every nook and corner of the world wherever tobacco is produced, and the cigar was made. He worked with a cigar company for fourteen years in helping establish their brand, and finally, after mastering the trade, in 2014, he started Foundation cigars with production units in Esteli, Nicaragua.

His mission was clear ”to give the best handmade cigars to the connoisseurs around the world,” and true to that the master blender did blend some of the best cigars for cigar lovers.

the wiseman maduro

The Wise Man Maduro: This cigar is an extension of the original El Gueguense. El Gueguense means the wise man. Foundation Cigars released the wise man Maduro in 2017, and in 2018 it featured third in CA’s top 25 Cigars of the year list scoring 95 points, and also featured in Cigar Dojo and HalfWheel top lists.

The Wise Man Maduro is a blend of Nicaraguan fillers and Corojo 99 binder leaves from Jalapa and wrapped in Mexican tobacco leaves from San Andrés Tuxtla. It has a rich flavor profile with a prominent taste of pepper and coffee with a nutty touch. This medium-bodied cigar comes in six vitolas.

charter oak connecticut shade

Charter Oak Connecticut Shade: The founder Nick Mellinio was born and raised in Connecticut, and he made this cigar in admiration of his homeland and to commemorate his grandfather. Charter oak ancient oak tree in Connecticut that stood for centuries witnessing historical events. The use of Connecticut leaf wrappers is significant because Mellinio’s grandfather was an exclusive smoker of Connecticut tobacco cigars.

There are two variants one is the blend of Connecticut shade leaf wrapper on Nicaraguan filler and Sumatran binder, and the other is a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper on Nicaraguan filler and binder and comes in five vitolas. Connecticut shade was selected as the best value cigar by CA in 2018.

Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle: Foundation brings this cigar in partnership with Highclere Castle tobacco company, Nicaragua. Highclere Castle is the seat of the Earl of Carnarvon in Hampshire, England. The Highclere Castle cigar results from the collaboration between Nick Mellinio, Adam Von Gootkin, and George Carnarvon, the current Earl of Carnarvon.

Highclere castle comes in two variants, Edwardian and Victorian both are hand-rolled in Esteli, Nicaragua but have different blends. The Victorian uses Nicaraguan Corojo and Carrillo fillers and popular Brazilian Mata fina binder and Ecuadorian wrapper. It was ranked 21 in the top 25 list of CA in 2020

The upsetters

Upsetters – Melillo is a fan of Jamaican culture, and the Jamaica of Upsetters is Mellilos’s effort to bring Jamaican tobacco into the mainstream premium cigar category. Upsetters give you a next-level experience in infused cigars.

We have selected collections from the Upsetter line Zola, Para El Zapo, and Django you can order online.

The Wise man

The Wise man ( El Gueguense) – The original blend of Foundation Cigar and has the Mellino touch. He handpicked the tobacco that went into making this cigar. El Gueguense is a fusion folkloric dance form popular in Nicaragua. Similarly, The El Gueguense cigar is a unique blend of pure Nicaraguan tobacco. And the uniqueness, this cigar is aged in cedar humidors around two months before being shipped out of Nicaragua.

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