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The Best Boveda humidity control pack for your humidor

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Select Boveda humidity control pack for cigars


Humidipack began its operations in 1997, focusing on a specific industry, “Cigars.” They did well; even some famous cigar companies co-branded with them and marketed their products. The company rebranded into Boveda in 2012. Boveda is a Spanish word meaning vault. Now they are the world leader in humidity control products.

Their unique 2-way humidity control technology, which adds or removes humidity in synchronization with the climate, is a boon to cigar lovers that virtually removes the burden of Humidor maintenance. Also, Boveda is considered one of the best cigar accessories and won many accolades.


Boveda Pack for Humidor seasoning

If you don’t have time to season your humidor traditionally, place this 84% RH humidity pack into your new humidor and keep it there for two weeks. It is ready now; replace the seasoning pack with the desired RH level humidity pack and fill the humidor with your cigars. The only thing you need to be careful of is to match the correct Boveda size and the package size as per the capacity of the humidor. Simple and easy.

Boveda 72% RH himidity control pack

B72-8 - Boveda size eight humidity control pack is for a relatively small cigar box. Specially designed portable/travel humidors with a capacity of five cigars and to store cigars with smooth and delicate wrappers. E.g., Connecticut Shade wrapper cigars. This pack keeps cigars intact in 72% relative humidity. If your box has the capacity of 7/8, use two packages of size eight and it can last for two to three months.

Size 60 and 320 – They are designed for wooden humidors, while size sixty can protect up to twenty-five cigars in a humidor in 72% relative humidity. The size 320 will protect many cigars and is used in bigger wooden humidors or cabinets to store more than a hundred cigars. This package will last for two to four months in a humidor.

Boveda 69% RH humidity control pack

B-69-8 - While traveling, you can’t carry a large humidor. If you are a new cigar enthusiast and don’t have enough stock to invest in a humidor and you are using a tupperdor, ie. A Tupperware container used for storing cigars. This Boveda size eight with a relative humidity of 69 % is designed for them. Boveda takes care of the needs of every category.

B-69-60 and B-69-320

The old-timer cigar aficionados usually advise not to buy an airtight humidor and go only for wooden humidors. But in this modern time where people care about protecting the green, humidors made of other materials are available on the market. Also, some people prefer wineadors that is a wine cooler made into a humidor.

The Boveda humidor pack with 69% relative humidity is a right fit for the airtight humidors and wineadors. You can select the size 60 or 320 according to the size of the storing cabinet.

To conclude, we intend to give you an idea about the boveda humidity package and its use. The selection of humidity packages depends on the cigars, climate, and the size of the humidor.

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