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Popular Cigar Brands in the USA

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

More than 13 million people in the US smoke Cigars, and the number is growing. It is part of a lifestyle and an experience. We are presenting some of the popular cigar brands in the USA.

We are not trying to rank the brands but to list some of the best cigar brands, which are always keen on gathering the finest ingredients and craft the masterpiece that became popular amongst cigar lovers over the years.

Also, to remember the efforts and struggle of the people behind the brands and salute their dedication and passion.

Macanudo logo

General cigar company acquired rights of “Macanudo” outside Cuba in 1971 and started production in Jamaica. Ramon Cifuentes was the man behind establishing the brand. In 2000 the factory moved out of Jamaica to the Dominican Republic. Macanudo maintains high standards throughout their production process from seed to plant and leaf to the cigars; everything goes through a defined process to keep the quality.

Macanudo mainly has six lines of production: Café, Inspirado, Robust, Maduro, Vintage, and Gold Label; each line has its own diverse Vitola. These cigars are very popular in the USA. Visit our shopping page to buy your favorite Macanudo cigar.

Arturo Fuente logo

The brand was started in 1912 by a passionate cigar maker Arturo Fuente Sr. in Florida. Twelve years after beginning production, the company went defunct due to a tragedy and resurfaced after 22 years on a small scale. Unfortunately, the company struggled for years, not because of bad cigars but untoward incidents. Nevertheless, Carlos Fuente Sr. steered the company into success. Now they sell more than 30 million cigars every year. Real phoenix, aren’t they?

Arturo Fuente has many lines of cigars. All are popular cigars in the USA. One amongst them is Don Carlos, which was released to commemorate Don Carlos Sr. Who died in 2016. To experience that piece of cigar tradition, Order here.

Padron Cigar Logo

Pilato cigars Inc, the owner of the Padron Cigar brand, was started by Jose Orlando Pardon in Florida in 1964. His story is quite interesting. His family was tobacco farmers in Cuba; He worked with a mining company. He was a revolutionist who escaped from Cuba from the revolutionists. He came to the United States and worked as a carpenter but didn’t lose his basic instinct, “tobacco,” and Pilato Cigars was born.

Padron is a famous cigar brand because they make cigars to cater to all levels of cigar smokers. They have six product lines: Padron Series, Damaso, 1964 Anniversary Series, 1926 Serie, Family Reserve, and 50th anniversary. Build a variety box of popular Padron Cigars Click here

Romeo Y Julieta cigar Logo

Most popular cigar brands have two versions, Cuban and Non-Cuban, similarly have roots in Cuba. Romeo Y Julieta is no different. Shakespearean drama inspires the name of this brand. Inocencio Alvarez and Manin García began the operation in Cuba in 1965. The brand won many accolades and was later acquired by Rodrigues Fernades. The business acumen of Rodrigues further propelled the company's growth and popularity all over the world. Winston Churchill was a loyal customer of the brand at that time. After the Cuban revolution, the factory moved into the Dominican Republic and was established as a non-Cuban brand. The logo uniquely shouts out the inspiration and the accolades. We have selected the two best cigars of Romeo Y Julieta for cigar lovers. Get it here.

Rocky Patel Cigar Logo

Can an attorney make cigars? The success of this brand says. Yes, all you need is passion and dedication, and of course, you should know how to sell. You know he even sold his legal business.

This brand doesn’t have a tradition of Cuban cigar making but became very popular in a short period. He didn’t jump directly into it without preparation. He waited until they reached perfecting the ingredients before launching the “Rocky Patel” Brand. Once in an interview, Mr.Patel said that for him smoking a cigar brings several different situations. “ I can collect my thoughts, dream, organize my business, relax and daydream.”

My Father Cigars Logo

He began rolling cigars at the age of Eleven. Yes, I am talking about the CEO of El Rey de Los Habanos Jon Don José "Pepin" Garcia. His company owns the brand “My father.” He spent thirty years in Cuba, the heartland of cigars, as a Torcedor and mastered the art of cigarmaking before moving to Miami in 2001. Though he started cigar making in 2002, the brand “My Father” was launched in 2008 when they opened their larger factory in Nicaragua.

We have a collection of their popular cigars, and You can make a custom variety box of ‘My father’ cigars here.

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