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How to smoke a cigar – A beginner's guide

How to smoke a Cigar upscalesmokes

Smoking a cigarette is an easy job, but Smoking a cigar is far beyond. It is an art. Do you know what is common among the famous like JFK, Winston Churchill, Bill Clinton, Michael Jordan, Harison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis? their love for Cigars. People who have a craving for success and influence love cigars. Do you have that craving and want to begin with a cigar? Let us talk about how to smoke a cigar. Smoking a cigar is a careful process that we are explaining step by step.

1. Selecting the cigar

2. Cutting the Cigar

3. Perfectly Lighting a cigar

4. Finally, how to smoke a cigar

Unlike cigarettes, the tobacco used in the Cigar is prepared naturally, and no chemicals are added while processing the tobacco, thus the natural oils and flavors are preserved.

If you intend to enjoy the cigar experience, this will help you understand the process of smoking a cigar like a pro. In addition, this comprehensive guide will help you choose the best Cigar, to begin with, and explain how to smoke it.

An extra tip – Know the Cigar

They come in different shapes and sizes, and each of them has their names. We list the most common classifications based on the length, body shape, and color just for a rough idea.

By length and size: Corona, Robusto, Toro, Churchill, and more, and the thickness of the Cigar is mentioned in Ring Gauge

By shape: Parejo, Torpedo, Presidente, and Chisel, etc.

By color: Oscuro, Maduro, Colorado, Claro etc.

Selecting the right Cigar– Beginners need not worry about the size, shape, and color, but be careful about a cigar's strength. If you think a big cigar is a strong one, you are wrong. It has nothing to do with the size. To indicate the strength of the cigar, the industry uses entirely different terms. If you hear someone saying full-bodied Cigar, then understand it is a strong cigar. There are three types Full-bodied, Medium-bodied, and Mild- bodied. In addition, there are also flavored and infused cigars. If you are a newbie and select the full-bodied Cigar, it will punch you hard. So go for the mild-bodied one. You got it, don't you?

how tot cut a cigar upscalesmokes

How to cut a cigar- A cigar consists of three parts: Filler, Binder, and a wrapper, and three sections Head, Body, and Foot. The Head is covered with a cap. You need to cut the Cigar because it's simple science that you can't draw smoke if there is no air passage. So cut exactly the cap affecting the Head. In some varieties, you may need to cut both ends. If you cut deep towards the body, it can cause more tobacco residue in the opening, giving your mouth a bitter taste. Secondly, It can damage the wrapping and binding and unravel the Cigar. Both will lead to a horrible smoking experience. You must cut above the bottom line of the cap.

Secondly, there are typically three types of standard cuts, Straight cut, V-Cut, and punch. You select the cut depending on the amount of smoke flow you like. Setting your preference is stage two. We advise you to go for a straight cut because a straight cut is the standard one that suits all kinds of cigars, gives you cool smoke, and you can experience more flavors.

Remember, after cutting the cap, rub off the cigar particles from the opening.

Lighting a Cigar Upscalesmokes

Lighting a cigar- Lighting a cigar is a significant step in 'how to smoke a Cigar.' If you light a Cigar correctly, it will have an even smoke and release the right flavors. As a beginner, try to use a torch lighter and first toast the Cigar. That means to hold the Cigar's foot around 2-3 centimeters away from the flame and heat it evenly by rotating 360 degrees till you see some slight ash formation around the foot.

Wait for 4-5 seconds now, keep the Head in your mouth and start the toasting process again. This time draw the air intermittently while you rotate the Cigar. Let the Head burn with flames. Make sure the white layer of ash formed evenly. Now it's time to enjoy your Cigar; keep on reading.

Finally, How to smoke the Cigar - The main objective of smoking a cigar is to enjoy the flavors, not to inhale the smoke. Like using a straw, draw the smoke inside your mouth two-three times to fill the smoke to let the palate recognize the flavors. After holding for one or two seconds, release them slowly.

Keep the Cigar down, wait for some time and begin again. Don't hurry to finish the Cigar. It is a slow process to enjoy. Probably pair it with a cup of coffee or your favorite spirit.

First-timers, Never smoke a cigar on an empty stomach. If you inhale a significant amount of smoke by mistake, it can make you sick.

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