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Does your father love Cigars? Here is a special fathers day gift for him

Specia Fathers day  Gift box

Some people are unique with their individual preferences. Cigar lovers belong to that group. But, conversely, that is a lifestyle, and they are always on the quest for unique flavors and a smoking experience. Is your father a cigar lover? Are you confused about getting him a special fathers day gift?

Well, we have taken care of that for you. We did detailed research, came up with unique combinations of cigars packed in a box. A special fathers day gift that cigar aficionados can’t refuse. Select and order your gift box right now.

You can select from four boxes of different varieties, which will be gift-packed along with a branded shot glass and a free keychain cigar punch.

Full bodied cigars  Special fathers day gift box

Full-bodied cigar gift box

Full-bodied cigars are for those who like dense smokes, with prominent and well-balanced flavor notes. This box contains the five famous cigars from different master cigar makers. If your father is a veteran smoker, he will definitely love this box. Get this special fathers day gift for him.

1. Oliva Serie V

2. E.P Carrilo Encore Majestic

3. Pledge Prequel by E.P Carrillo

4. Le Bijou by My father

5. Jacobs Ladder by Southern Draw

medium bodied cigars special fathers day gift box

Medium-bodied Box

Medium-bodied cigars are the perfect balance of punch, and the flavor is the preferred choice of most cigar lovers, be it the veterans or the occasional. Medium-bodied cigars are popular with their taste notes and the right balance of strength. If your father likes the best varieties of cigars, this box is a special fathers day gift for him.

1. Flor de las Antillas by My father

2. Warped Serie Gran Reserva

3. Hoyo de Tradicion

4. Joya Black

5. Quickdraw Connecticut

mild bodied cigars special fathers day gift box

Mild-bodied Box

mild-bodied cigars are very gentle on your palate and for those who don’t prefer the tobacco punch but more flavors for an occasional smoke to experience the cigar. If your father is that type of smoker, get him this box and let him boast about his collection in those occasional gatherings with his friends.

1. Vintage 1999 Patel

2. New Wave Connecticut

3. Hyde Park

4. Finch

5. 1875 Romeo & Juliet

flabored or flavor infused cigars special fathers day gift box

Flavored/Infused Box

Gift this box to your father if he likes flavors. It is a different experience full of enticing flavors. We all love the vanilla, chocolate, coffee flavors, right? So get your father this special gift and let him smoke these exciting flavors.

1. The upsetters Django

2. Drew EstateTabak

3. Acid Kuba Kuba

4. Drew Estate Java Latte

5. Groovy Blue by Tatiana

And all these packs come with a custom shot glass and a free keychain cigar punch.

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