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Cigar Accessory Feature – Cigar Lighters from Vector

Vector Lighter cover image

Vector KGM has been around for the last 30 years. They established their brand for quality. Having their headquarters and the leading showroom in California, they are the masters of making cigar lighters. They made many types and countless variations and incorporated all colors from the color wheel. Their other uniqueness is the no-proof warranty that we will list at the end of the article; scroll down and see the vector cigar lighters you can buy from us.

Vector Stinger (Gold and Copper) wind resistant Cigar Lighter :

This one is a high-quality, stylish lighter from Vector. It has an interchangeable flame setup jet torch with wind-resistant capacity even at twelve thousand feet altitude. This Stinger model from Vector has a metallic body with beautiful Gold copper color in a matte finish. It has the feature of igniting and locking the flame by simply pressing the button up and down and a flame converter option to switch between two types of flame.

Torpedo Quad Torch Lighter by Vector:

A perfect lighter to light your cigar in style, This quad torch(4 Merging Flames) lighter is in elegant rose gold color. This vector product is a high-quality, affordable lighter with a wind resistance capacity of up to Twelve thousand feet altitude. It also has a cigar punch.

XCALIBER-03-(Copper Gold) Satin finish:

Xcaliber-03 from the Xcaliber series is a wind-resistant torch lighter with double merging flame. There is a see-through section in the fuel chamber that is convenient for spotting the fuel level. It also has a serrated guillotine spring-loaded stainless steel blade cigar cutter built-in, which can accommodate cigars up to 56 ring gauge and a single action button.

AZTECH_03_Copper Gold Matte Polished(Rose Gold):

It looks elegant with a beautiful metallic dual-tone matte-finished body. It is a single flame jet torch lighter, wind-resistant, and will work at an altitude of twenty thousand feet. Features include a cigar punch tool, transparent fuel gauge, and has a butane adjustment and refill valve.

Delta _03_Rose Gold Satin finish:

Delta _03 is a classic-style cigar lighter and features an extra-large fuel gauge window and1800 opening convenient cigar punch. It is wind-resistant with two merging flames which can be activated by a single-action ignition button and an operating altitude of twelve thousand feet.

ALPHA-03-Copper Gold Satin Dual Tone:

Wind resistant merging three flame jet torch lighter. At first glance, it resembles a rocket frame without a nose cone and looks beautiful in the dual-tone copper-gold satin finish. It has a flame height adjuster that is very easy to operate.

MAXTECH_03 Rose Gold (Satin finish torch lighter):

Maxtech series by Vector has six color variants; we carry all rose gold finish variants. This one is a single flame torch lighter but has the size of two merging flames. This wind-resistant cigar lighter will operate at an altitude of twelve thousand feet.

EMPIRE-03-Rose Gold Satin quadruple flame:

Empire is from the quadruple flame series. There are five more: QUAD TANK, TORPEDO, IRONQUAD, THRONE, and VIKING, respectively. We have the Satin Gold finish retro style lighter for you. It has a cigar punch at the bottom that you can push out by a button.

Warranty with no proof by Vector – It is famous!

It is a hassle-free system. There is no need to show purchase proof to claim the warranty and service, but it should be a Vector Product. They are perhaps the only company with a dedicated service & quality control department with in-house technicians. Not only that, they have the fastest turnaround time for service. Also the promise to give a free service is real.

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