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Cigar Accessories- Buy Stunning Prestige Cigar cutters online

Cigar Accessories- Buy Stunning Prestige Cigar cutters online

Prestige import group, a manufacturer and supplier of cigar humidors and accessories, is a known name in the cigar industry. They started their operation in 2008 on a very small scale. This family-held company now operates out of a 20,000 square foot facility in Florida with a walk-in showroom. They are very quality conscious and produce some unique cigar accessories. We have some of their beautiful cigar cutters for you to order online.

Titan Box wing Guillotine Cutter

Titan Box wing Guillotine Cutter This cutter is solidly built and you can feel that while using. It has a dual blade cutter which is made of hardened steel blades. It is spring-loaded, smooth, and easy to operate. You can lock the spring action by squeezing. Beautiful cutter in Gold finish.

Etched Guillotine Cutter

Etched Guillotine Cutter – Precision-made heavy-duty guillotine cigar cutter with high-quality blades and a sturdy body. It can accommodate up to 62 ring gauges. The highlight of this cutter is that it has a beautifully etched center body in gold finish.

Polished Cigar Cutter

Polished Cigar Cutter – This is an oval-shaped metallic polished double blade cigar cutter from prestige. It can accommodate up to 56 ring gauges. This elegant gold finish cutter comes in a black gift box and its beauty is enhanced with golden brass rivet style screws on the body.

Heavy Bodied Cigar Cutter

Heavy Bodied Cigar Cutter – It is heavy and strong. A cutter with rounded edges, this also has two guillotine-style blades. Its golden body and stainless steel finished dual blades make it look beautiful. This comes in a black gift box that you can order online for yourself or as a gift to your cigar aficionado friend.

Bullet Cutter (Gold)

Bullet Cutter (Gold) – This is not made from a real bullet but it’s a punch cutter the size of a bullet with a nice golden-colored cap. Though it is named a bullet cutter, it looks more like a capsule cutter. Easy to carry because it is a keychain.

Twist Punch Cutter

Twist Punch Cutter – This is a precision-made punch cutter with a twist cutting option. That means there is an additional extending and retracting blade that can be operated by twisting the backside rotary cap. This gives an extra edge in punching the cigar while reducing the loose tobacco particles.

Colossus Lock Blade Wing Cutter

Colossus Lock Blade Wing Cutter – A wing-style dual blade cutter with hardened steel blades. Its blades are decorated with abstract lines. The blades are spring-loaded and easy to operate. The squeeze lock system makes it safe to handle. This cutter with its gold-colored body and black contrast blades looks very elegant.

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